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2019/2020 Program Fees

Before School Care fees                                                $  150.00 per month

After School Care fees                                                   $  305.00 per month

Professional days                                                           $     55.00 per month

Camps  (Winter, Spring & Summer)                                  Announced Yearly


Little Wonders Preschool

5 days a week (Monday to Friday)                             $  380.00 per month

3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)                                   $  260.00 per month


Affordable Child Care Benefits (formerly Subsidy)

As of September 2018 the Subsidy program will no longer exist, in it’s place is the new Affordable Child Care Benefits.  One of the biggest changes to the new funding is that the threshold earnings per 2 income families is now $111,000.00  Below you will find the link that takes you directly to the Ministries website, here you will find an ‘online estimator’ which will tell you approximately what you would receive per month.  You can also use the ‘apply online’ link to make your application online, no more faxing or mailing documents in.  The Government is working to make the application process as seamless and easy as they can for families.   Can’t hurt to spend a few minutes to see how much you qualify for!

Click here to go to the AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE BENEFITS site

By 2020, school aged children funding will be revised, the Ministry has started with the 0 – 3 years this September and will continue to increase the funding to families over the course of the next two years.

If you have any questions, drop in and see our Manager, email ( phone 250-744-2718 or contact our Executive Director, Lee Ann  ( )



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